I sometimes provide consulting services through my company (seerRe Ltd.) in my free time or when an interesting project comes my way. I have provided services ranging from digital ad campaign optimization to insurance product R&D. My clients have included seed stage startups, blue chip tech companies, and everything in between.

My services include:

  • Prediction, recommendation, and classification systems – research, design, validation & deployment
  • Analytics advisory – I can help you measure the gap between your current capabilities and organizational needs, guide you to the next waypoint on your analytics roadmap, and if you don’t yet have a roadmap I can help you create one
  • Statistical learning, machine learning, statistical/bayesian inference, A/B testing and experimental design – at scale and deployed to production
  • Independent peer-review of data analysis, predictive modeling, and other analytics work
  • Web app, RESTful API builds and deployments with automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Modeling process/workflow design, improvement, and training
  • Cloud solution architecture – AWS and Azure
  • MLOps – stand up the infrastructure and develop skills needed for rapid experimentation with version control (code, data, artifacts) to provide full traceability and reproducibility of your work
  • Process automation (with scripting and scheduling/triggers, not RPA/data clicking software)
  • Risk measurement and management/mitigation strategies
  • Product development, especially within the insurance domain
  • R package development and CRAN submission
  • Training for teams and individuals in R, git/GitHub, docker, SQL, and more

Feel free to email me with inquiries or to set up a conversation. Even if I’m not available to engage or the project is not a great fit, I don’t mind providing some guidance and answering any questions you may have, no charge!