A meditation for technical geniuses

A quick diversion from studying to comment on a phenomenon I’ve witnessed at least a few times.

Imagine a brilliant technical prodigy, fluent in several programming languages, adept at statistical inference, capable with all manner of machine- and deep-learning procedures. They don’t work for google, but they are still pretty good. You ask them for help figuring something out in excel, or pulling together a report from a SQL database, which ends up being…beneath their abilities… Read more

Feel-good conspiracy theories

I’m a bit dismayed with the quality of the news reporting I’m seeing over the past few days. I’m talking about that David-and-Goliath story featuring a gritty, if not mettlesome, band of small-time retail day-traders coming together on reddit to take down the greedy hedge fund billionaire shorts who’ve until now gotten away with colluding to screw over the “little guy” and all other vague sorts of evil deeds probably. Read more

Apps for Hartford – haRtisan

Apps for Hartford – haRtisan

Happy 2021. Volunteering is probably related to the meaning of life somehow, at least indirectly. Part of the reason I decided to stand up this site was to have a means of publishing tools that will be useful to the Hartford residents who spend countless hours volunteering for committees, city commissions, NRZs, showing up for public comment periods, or just picking up trash on their block. Read more